TTL x Dusty Nabor Rosé

$75.00 / Sold as a pack of 3 750ml bottles

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That Triathlon Life and Dusty Nabor Wines are pleased to bring you a 2021 Grenache Rosé from Santa Rita Hills American Viticultural Area sold as a three pack.

  • 100% Grenache Rosé

We’ll be honest, we know very little about wine. But we know what being passionate and obsessive about something looks like. Any time we talk to Dusty about wine, we come away inspired to do better with triathlon, TTL, and life in general. Dusty is on a mission to create beautiful wine that enriches the lives of everyone who drinks it. We couldn’t be more stoked to help him bring his passion to more people through this collaboration. This wine is delicious, it puts a smile on our faces, and brightens up our evening. Naturally, we want to share that with you.

Limited to 300 bottles total.

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*Note: Due to costs of shipping wine, we have decided to sell sets of three bottles. 1 bottle costs as much to ship as 3, so this maximizes your wine per dollar value. Thanks for your understanding. All purchaces must take place through Nabor wines store, US shipping only. If you don't see your state listed we can't ship to you.