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      Feature Brew Method: June

      You will need:

      Aeropress and Filter
      Quality Water
      Coffee Beans - 18g or aeropress Scoop
      Gram Scale (optional, but recommended)


      5 steps to make the perfect Aeropress:

      Pre-wet filter, place in filter cap, and screw into brewing chamber. Set on top of your mug.
      Add 18g medium-fine ground coffee (or use aeropress scoop)
      Pour in 36g hot water (just enough so all the grounds are saturated) and stir
      After 30 seconds, add water to the 4 mark, and insert plunger just above coffee to prevent dripping
      Wait 40-60 seconds and then slowly push down for 25 more seconds

        Check out Onda Origins full brewing guides for more info here.