About us

For the Love of Sport

TTL exists to give multisport lovers a sense of community, involvement, and a place they can go to feel like they’re not alone.

That Triathlon Life was created by Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findlay

This started out of a pure desire to bring happiness back to the sport. In our opinion, triathlon has lost it’s identity on a global level, and so much of the simple day to day joy has been pushed aside in favor of chasing data and getting results at all cost. TTL stands for triathlon as a lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you compete, do all three sports each week, ride a $100 bike or a $10,000 bike. What matters is enjoying being outside, being friendly, and being a little better you each day.


This is not about making “merch”. This is about growing something bigger than our youtube channel, bigger than ourselves, and being responsible. We spend a huge amount of time looking for organic, US/Canada made products that are as sustainable as possible. This makes our products more costly to produce, but they’re items we believe in, we  know you’ll love, and we know will last. Much more than a logo.