Featured Brew Method: April

Featured Brew Method: April

Each month we will update our brew guide to specifically match the beans that you receive through The Coffee Project. Notes for April are below.

April Roast: CATUAI
Origin: Mozonte Nicaragua
Elevation: 1450m
Notes: Grape Cinnamon Mint


More from the roaster: 

The Catuai we are bringing on comes from a neighboring town 5 miles East from the town I grew up, the town is called Mozonte, which means people between river and hills. Finca Andrea is a small 20 manzanas located at 1450 mts above see level. Mauricio Paguaga cultívates Caturra Pacamara but his prized plant is his Catuai. This Catuai is special because of its jammed flavors.



What you will need:

Pour Over Coffee Brewer
Matching Coffee Filter
Water ≈ 200°F
Ground Coffee ≈ 17g (two heaping tablespoons)
Gram Scale (optional, but recommended)
Timer (about 3 minutes)

  • The standard ratio for coffee to water is 1:16. For every 1 gram of coffee add 16 grams of water. For a standard pour over brewer, this means 270g of water and 17g of coffee.
  • Place the filter in the brewer and pour hot water over it to rinse out any paper taste and warm up the brewer.
  • Place your brewer on top of your TTL mug or another vessel to brew the coffee into and place that on top of the gram scale.
  • Add the ground coffee, zero out the scale, start your timer, and pour about 50 grams of water evenly (in a spiral motion). This first pour is called the bloom and we will let it sit for about 30 seconds.
  • Every 20 seconds we will add more water evenly across the coffee bed until we reach the total water weight of 270g.
  • Once the timer hits 3 minutes remove the brewer and enjoy your freshly brewed pour over coffee.
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