Featured Brew Method: March

Featured Brew Method: March
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Each month we will update our brew guide to specifically match the beans that you receive through The Coffee Project. Notes for March are below.


What you will need:

8 Cup French Press
Water ≈ 198-203°f or 93°c (bring water to a boil, then remove from the heat for about 1 minute) (Do not use boiling water)
Coarse Ground Coffee ≈ 50g (≈7 tablespoons)
Gram Scale (optional, but recommended)


  • The standard ratio for coffee to water is 1:16. For every 1 gram of coffee add 16 grams of water. For an 8 cup french press, 50g coffee, 800g water
  • With your ground coffee in the press, start a timer for 4 minutes, and then add about 1/2 the total water recommended and let the coffee “bloom”. Some people like to gently stir at this point.
  • After about 30 seconds of the coffee blooming, add the rest of the water. If you have a scale, go for 800g, if you don’t just fill your press around 90% of the way. 
  • Once the water is added, place the plunger on top (do NOT press down!) to help retain some heat.
  • Once the time is up (4 minutes total from when water first touched the ground coffee), slowly plunge the filter down, immediately serve the coffee and enjoy!
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