Rapid Fire With Development Team Athlete Kate Curran 🇬🇧

Rapid Fire With Development Team Athlete Kate Curran 🇬🇧

This is our third installment of a series of deeper-dive interviews with our 2024 Development Team!
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Rapid Fire with Kate

Favorite pump up song? Why? Spotify playlist to share? 

I'm old school… can't beat a bit of "Eye of the Tiger"! 

Favorite local training route? (Run, bike, etc) Why?

That’s a tough one…I have a 60k bike loop at home that I’ve been doing for 10+ years now. There’s nothing overly cool about it (although there are some nice views over the local countryside), but it’s special to me because I’ve done it countless times over the years with my Dad and we always battle up the climbs! No mercy! The route also doesn’t feel as hard as it used to when I was a teenager, so that reminder of longer term progress is always good when I’m having a hard training day.  Otherwise, when I’m training with my group on the South Coast, my training partner is in charge of routes (my sense of direction is terrible) and he always finds some tough loops to keep me on my toes! 

Favorite place/town to train? Why?

Lanzarote. Hands down my favourite! I’ve been going there since I was a kid….  I’ve been there for holidays, training camps, races and even worked there as a sports instructor. I think the island has all the ingredients you need to get very strong and fit, and all in a unique and inspiring environment. As a creature of habit, the familiarity of going to the same place also makes training easier as it’s virtually a home from home for me. 

Rank Swim-Bike-Run from most to least favorite & why! 

Run, bike then swim. Running is just so simple and fun…. It involves minimal “faff” and seems to feel the most natural to me. Cycling is where I have the most scope for improvement so I’m enjoying working on this and seeing the progress. Swimming…well, it’s just not running or cycling is it.

What is your big goal or A-race for the year?

Qualify for 70.3 World Champs. Racing with the “best of the best” is what I’m in this sport for…it’s exhilarating, daunting, motivating, a privilege etc etc. I finished 16th at my first World Champs last year which gave me a lot of confidence and motivation through this Winter, so I would love to race in Taupo in 2024. 

Talk about Lanzarote, and your goals for the trip to St George / Oceanside this spring.

I escaped the British winter for a month by basing myself in Lanzarote for a training camp. The goal for this camp was to increase my training volume slightly (especially on the bike), but generally continue to train consistently with minimal distractions and good weather. The camp went very well, overall - I returned with a higher level of fitness and good confidence so mission accomplished.   My headline goals for Oceanside and St George are quite simple - race hard and fight for every place.  Within each race, I’ll have a few process-focused goals I’ll be looking to achieve, whether that’s nutrition, maintaining form, tactics etc.  These races are a fantastic opportunity for me to race against high quality fields and on iconic courses on the IM circuit so a big thank you to the TTL team for supporting this trip. I hope this trip will also bring plenty of opportunities for me to connect with the TTL community out here!

What does the ideal race scenario look like for you? example: tactical swim, big main group on the bike, hilly run.

TBD! I’m still learning the ropes and finding out what my preferred courses and race scenarios are.  I also think the best competitors find out a way to make a course or race scenario work for them even if it’s not their preferred situation, so I try to bear this in mind if a race isn’t unfolding exactly how I’d envisaged.


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