Rapid Fire With Devo Team Athlete John Reed

Rapid Fire With Devo Team Athlete John Reed

This is our first installment of a series of deeper-dive interviews with our 2024 Development Team!
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 Rapid Fire With John

Favorite pump up song? Why? Spotify playlist to share?

Depends on the mood! Either “Holiday” by Green Day or “Shine” by Spektrum.

Favorite local training route? (Run, bike, etc) Why

Depends where I’m at. Right now in Tucson I love hitting the famous shootout ride with some of the local hitters. Long runs out by Oracle on the dirt roads are also very fun! Oro Valley Aquatic Center is pretty hard to beat if you’re looking for a good swim with a view!

Favorite place/town to train? Why?

Park City, Utah in the summer is hands down my favorite place to train and live. Endless riding and dirt trails to run on. Small mountain towns are my happy place and I love to vibe and getting to just sit in some incredible wilderness.

Rank Swim-Bike-Run from most to least favorite & why! 

Like my music taste, depends on my mood. Normally bike, run, swim though. Biking is where I get the chance to explore the most which makes it a bit easier to get off the couch for. I haven’t been running as long as I’ve been swimming so that’s probably why it out ranks. Honestly, love all three at time or hate all three at times. The constant ebb and flow.

What is your big goal or A-race for the year?

U23 World Championships

How do you make your ITU race schedule?

I sit down with my coach and hash it out for a while. He knows a lot more than I do about training cycle plans and when fitting in racing works well so most of the time I Listen. I try to pick races in locations that excite me. Obviously this doesn’t always happen but I find it makes the whole experience way more enjoyable for me.

Highlights we should look forward to this year?

Hopefully making the U23 worlds team and having a great race there would be the highlight of my season. I’m also looking forward to some good World Cup showings and maybe my first 70.3 at the end of the year!

What does the ideal race scenario look like for you to win U23 worlds? (or any draft-legal race?) example: fast swim, small front group, tactical run.

Breakaways are always ideal but I haven’t had that opportunity much. I back myself to run well if it’s a big group or be able to pull my weight if I can get into any type of break in the swim or bike!

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