This week on TTL - April 1st, 2024

Monday April 1st, 2024

This week on the TTL youtube show, Oceanside 70.3 - BRICK WORKOUT (And lots of other serious stuff.)

It’s time for some serious race simulation! We join Paula in Fillmore, CA for a brick workout as she prepares for Oceanside 70.3 this Sunday (4/6)! After exploring the land around the base of the Topatopa Mountains, we found TT Nirvana: Miles of a freshly paved straightways amidst a sea of lemon groves.

As Spring blooms and the roads thaw, many of us are eager to take our bikes off the trainer and shred in the fresh air. But, if you're still riding indoors, set up your laptop in front of your trainer and ride with us on a virtual outdoor experience where you can practically feel the warm mountain sunshine on your face. The perfect remedy to accompany your ride in the home stretch of indoor training season! 👌

Still craving the taste of Summer after your ride? We got you covered...

Launch time! 🚀

Set your clocks, and check your emails!

WEDNESDAY (April 3rd) - NOON PST The countdown to TTL x Dusty Nabor Wines is ON 🍷

Thank you to everyone who was able to snag a piece from last week's Shred til' Bed Collection launch! We sold 100 hand made posters and 75 T-Shirts in just TEN minutes!

This week, we're collabing with the Camarillo local Dusty Nabor Winery to release 60 bottles of Sparkling Grenache Rosé Pét-Nat!

P.S If you check the site menu, you'll see we've got a LIVE countdown going, which is our new norm for upcoming launches!

TTL x Dusty Nabor - Grenache Rosé

J+K Vineyard, Ballard Canyon AVA - 13% abv

Pét-Nat is a true passion project for Dusty Nabor as they made about 5 cases of this vintage. It follows the same process as their rosé; direct, whole cluster pressed with no skin contact and fermented in stainless steel tanks. Where this sparkling wine differs though, is when they bottle right before the wine goes dry to allow the fermentation to continue in-bottle and create the wonderful bubbles. The wine is disgorged to keep it clean and make sure no bottles explode once they've left their hands and head to you.

Limited to 60 bottles.

If you want to sip on something special after a long day of tearing it up, be sure to activate your fast twitch speed to snag one of 60 bottles. Whether you're celebrating a personal triumph or simply savoring the moment with friends, Dusty's wine elevates the experience to leave you refreshed and inspired for the next challenge ahead. Cheers to making every sip count!



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  • What is the best bike computer?
  • Different pool lengths
  • Anticipating the new Wahoo Kickr Run treadmill
  • How to be a great race volunteer
  • Naps: Are they worth it? (Spoiler: Yes)
  • Managing long term injuries

New Playlist!

Check out our new TTL: Playlist: Ventura

These jams offer a perfect blend of subtle heat and palm tree charm to echo the vibes of the coastal gem nestled between the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean and the rolling hills of the SoCal Mountains.

Stay stoked,
-Eric & Paula

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Love the new look and all the content with the newsletter! Very classy! Keep up the great work. Good luck in Oceanside!

Amy Knibb

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