This week on TTL - March 25th, 2024

Monday March 25th, 2024

This week on the TTL youtube show, everything started out with 10/10 vibes, with Eric exploring the Ventura/Thousand Oaks area on his mountain bike and via trail running. You won't believe this riding and running is anywhere near Los Angeles, and after all the recent rain, the level of greenery is at an all-time high.We recommend watching all the way to the end becasue Eric does a wild/crazy mini-film of Paula's gravel tempo run. It's not like anything else you'll see in a triathlon vlog this week 👌

If you're wanting to keep the run hype rolling after that, check out this beautiful film by Satisfy Running on youtube. It's exactly Eric's style and feels SO similar to a film he's been dreaming about making here in Ventura. 


This week we start out with some Bike Tech with Eric regarding chain degreaser and lube, and then move onto questions! Ideal cycling destinations, why pros put their watch on in T2, why certain pros don't use their top sponsor wheels all the time, race mechanics working on too many bikes, headwear choices for racing, efficiently getting into cycling shoes after T1, recovery times as the season progresses, and more!

Last But Not Least! 

Set your clocks, and check your emails because the countdown to the Shred Till Bed launch is ON 👌TUESDAY MARCH 26th - NOON PST

Someone uttered the words “Shred Til Bed!” and the gears were in motion. The “Shred Til Bed” artist collection has a long story, going back a little over a year. Eric was chatting with Danny Gardner, who is a TTL fan, and video game designer, and the shared love for seizing every last drop of sunlight came up. Someone uttered the words “Shred Til Bed!” and the gears were in motion. Several months later, Danny surprised Eric and Nick with a poster of his original artwork, and the idea for making a print available for purchase began to percolate in the background. 8 months later, Christian Dunn, graphic design professor and screen printing enthusiast entered the picture, and we felt like we had the ability to create a version of the art that did justice to it’s backstory.  

Checkout the Collection

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Such a fan of TTL and everything it stands for. I listen to the podcast while I run and bike and some of the podcasts have helped me reach higher watts as I just so much want to be a better triathlete! Thank you for everything you do! Love all the cinematography, in all the videos. Keep up the amazing work!

Amy Knibb

OH!!! Love TTL Weekly!! What a fun idea to help us keep up with all things TTL ;-)

Erin Byrge

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