This Week on TTL - May 13th, 2024

This Week on TTL - May 13th, 2024

Another race week! 🔥

Following his season opener at St. Anthony's competing in a snappy elite field, Eric will be racing XTERRA Oak Mt. in Pelham, Alabama this Saturday, May 18th!
"I'm just trying to win it, knowing full well that will require a lifetime-best race."

The awesome trails at this off-road olympic distance triathlon are going to see some serious action this weekend. You can check out event with XTERRA's race preview video here!

Collaborative Castelli Kits with Kristin Mayer: Pre-Order this week!

You can pre-order our new kits starting Wednesday (5/15) and closing Sunday (5/19). We’re doing a short order window to get the kits into production and delivered to you as quickly as possible. If you like Paula's race kit this season, you're going to LOVE these fresh jerseys and bibs!

Taking from their designer, these effortlessly cool kits are a breath of fresh air amidst the spandex sea of the cycling attire market. Mark your calendars and be on the look out for the order forms Wednesday!

In the meantime, check out the this week's show on the TTL and follow along as Paula wins 70.3 North American Championships in St. George, Utah. She had a commanding performance, swimming with the lead pack, making a huge move to establish a 4 minute gap on the bike, and holding onto that lead for the run. We hope you enjoy the show!



🏆Race Recap: Paula Wins at St. George 70.3!

💆Post race routines

🏊Getting a feel for the water after a swimming hiatus

🚵Power discrepancy riding outdoors vs on the trainer

😮‍💨How to prevent triathlon burnout

🎤Paula's surprise T2 interview

🚩When should you abandon or postpone a workout

Bonus Podcast!

Eric and Paula channel their inner commentator on Chasing the Burn, a podcast by Chelsea Burns which features in-depth interviews with endurance athletes. The three discuss the most recent race in the 2024 World Triathlon Championship, and the storylines and qualification scenarios unfolding beneath the surface. Click here to check it out!

Struck by inspiration from their trip to Mammoth, CA last year, Nick and Eric have officially begun the process of developing their first ever feature length film!

"We’re so stoked to build this, put everything we have into it, and share it with everyone in the fall."

The film's title, Look, derives from a saying spoken beautifully by Nick's mother: "Look for things where you can find them"

You can’t expect something new or extraordinary to happen, going through the same routines, the same processes. If you want change, fun, fulfillment, whatever it is… think about where you’ll actually find it and make some moves. You can follow the production process with us on instagram @transition.four!

Photo via XTERRA Website

Stay stoked,

-Eric & Paula
(and Olive, the intern)

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