TTL gear giveaway

TTL gear giveaway

We want to see pictures of your Vinyl stickers in action!

Whether it's on a laptop in a coffee shop, on your car before a ride, or somewhere we haven't thought of, just post it on Instagram and you'll be entered to win free stuff in February!

People and dogs in mountain parking lot. Blue skies.

1-2 pictures or a short video will do!

Just tag @that.triathlonlife and use the hashtag #TTLvinyl in your caption and you're in the running. We'll re-share our favorite each Monday and hand out some free gear!


Week one prizes:

  1. Your pick of TTL long sleeve shirt
  2. TTL water bottle

Eric Lagerstrom Paula Findley and friend in That Triathlon Life long sleeve shirts.

Let's see what you've got! Share the fun and we'll hit you with the gear.

nick Goldston smiling, apple computer with That Triathlon Life Sticker.


Show us your stickers! Stay stoked,

-Eric & Paula

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