TTL Weekly Bulletin #16: T100 San Fran. and Ironman 70.3 Boulder

TTL Weekly Bulletin #16: T100 San Fran. and Ironman 70.3 Boulder

Paula Raced T100 San Francisco!

Not so surprising spoiler: Another solid race. Frigid winds and strong currents made race day extremely challenging, but Paula took on the iconic Escape course, crushing the punchy hills, and accelerating through the streets of San Francisco to a 6th place finish in an extremely packed field.

While much of triathlon revolves around enduring harsh physical conditions, the mental struggle often becomes the most dominant factor in the battle of endurance.

“To race well at this level requires everything to click, and personally I’m struggling a bit with the mental side, not just in racing but in training too”

Despite her struggles, Paula showcased her incredible resilience and determination. Her ability to push through both physical and mental barriers exemplifies her true character and relentless spirit.

“I’m proud of certain aspects and for fighting to the finish despite everything going on in my brain throughout the race.”

Finishing 6th in such a competitive field on a course that doesn't necessarily suit her can be a great lesson for any aspiring triathlete, and often the days that seem the most daunting are the ones that you remember the longest.

Way to go, Paula!

Ansley and Matheus Raced 70.3 Boulder!

TTL Development Team athletes Matheus Menezes and Ansley Queen both endured a tough day at Ironman 70.3 Boulder!

"[ It's] Always brutal racing at altitude, but having friends cheering at pretty much every single kilometer of the run made it a really fun day." -Matheus

In his first race following his collegiate season Matheus finished first in his age group and third overall! A phenomenal debut in the TTL threads! While his next race is still up in the air, we're psyched to see him enjoying the process and working to elevate his skills to the next level.

Ansley showcased her resilience and grinded through a tough day to finish 13th in just her second race as developing professional! These challenging days are all part of the process and we're stoked to see her come through with a champion's mindset.

"[It was a] brutal day. Handful of small things going wrong adds up, I’ll be back better for the next one."

The Devo team continues to rise beyond these 'brutal' days and put on a great show. We're always proud of them for persevering, no matter the results! Remember, living that triathlon life means living beyond the numbers and data. What matters is enjoying being outside, being friendly, and being a little better you each day :)



Last week on the pod, we discussed:

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 The different kinds of riding / racing styles between road, gravel, and TT bikes

 What is FTP and do professional triathletes use it?

 The struggle of waking up and eating before an early race

 The best bike computers for mountain bikes

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 Integrated hydration systems in kits and bikes

 How musical / creative professions overlap with triathlon

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Stay stoked,

-Eric & Paula
(and Olive, the intern)

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Way to go Paula, Ansley, and Matheus! Great bulletin this week 🙌

Kaitlin McCormick

Love TTL and appreciate the effort to put out these bulletins Olive. Well done

Heidi Luongo

Loving these bulletins, the weekly summaries are well written!

Lindee Kent

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