Why we created TTL

Why we created TTL

Before I dive into our very first journal entry, I want to quickly lay out my vision for what it will hold: My hope with is that it won’t just be for posts that we make, but a place that we can invite other like minded individuals to post and feature things that align with the vision that we have for the sport. As far as what we post, this serve as a way for us to share thoughts, ideas, and inner workings of TTL that wouldn't typically fit into our Sunday videos. -Eric

That Triathlon Life was created to give back to the triathlon community in a way that we never could on our own. Every one of you who is subscribed to our channel, subscribed to the newsletter, and has bought into what we're doing, you're a part of it. I feel like I've been building TTL for the last 10 years of my career, even though I didn't have a name for it. The idea to create films and imagery that moves people and creates change, that has always been a goal for me, and it's finally taken full shape over this last year.

Sharing the Stoke.

Youtube means different thing to different people. For some creators, the goal is to expand as rapidly as possible, quit the awful day job, and "be a youtuber". It's a little different for us. Every time we make a video, we aren't on pins and needles waiting for view counts and hoping we'll get new subscribers, we're waiting for the comments to come in. Every time we see "This made my day" or "Got me out the door!" we get a little boost of energy knowing we've made a tiny positive impact on the triathlon community, and hopefully, ultimately, the world. Our hope is that you take the little bit of stoke you get from a video and spread it around to the person you see on the group ride, at the pool, or in transition when you lend them your pump.
That Triathlon Life is all of us who love the sport for what it is, not just for the end result, and we hope you'll help us in spreading the good vibes. Whether that means sharing our videos with a friend, buying a hat, or just throwing a friend a high five, we're all part of the culture of the sport and keeping it fun.


But, That's Only Part of It...



We've been accepted into 1% For The Planet!
Our next post will be on this topic, but here's a snapshot:
We'll be giving away 1% of our profit to environmental causes every year.

1% For The Planet will help us build out a portfolio of pre-approved environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving the beautiful planet we get to train on every single day. Our focus will be on water and forests, as that's where we spend the bulk of our outdoor time, and where we feel most at home.
So, when you spend money on TTL, you're also spending money on the future of our home.

Thanks again for your support, and for being a part of TTL. We're just getting started.
-Eric & Paula
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