Flash Brew

Summer time brings heat and warm temps, but you still want to enjoy that great cup of coffee.  We introduce to you the Flash Brew Coffee method or also know to others as Japanese Iced coffee.  Flash brewing uses hot water, just like a hot cup. In this technique you less hot water and drip coffee directly over ice. The ice immediately cools the coffee and locks in the coffee flavors. The resulting brew has all the flavors of a hot cup, but with the added advantage that you actually want to drink it on a balmy afternoon.  This method brings out complexity and acidic, floral aromas and is great for single organs.  How is this different from could brew coffee, removes the bitterness and harshness found in cold brew, makes a very full body cup and pairs great with milk, cream, and sugar.

What you will need:
-V60 or kalita wave and filter paper
-Scale (grams)
-Water Kettle (preferably gooseneck)
-Coffee grinder (burr grinder is best)
-25g of fresh whole bean coffee (preferably single origin)
-250g (ml) of water
-150g of ice
-Coffee mug

-Heat the water in the kettle to 200 degrees F
-Grind 25 grams of coffee to a medium fine grind 
-Place filter in brewer and place on top of mug and pour a little water to rinse the filter off.  Discard the rinse water from the mug
-Put 150g of ice in the mug and put the brewer back on top of mug. 
-Place mug with brewer on scale and dump 25g of ground coffee in the filter and zero the scale
-Pour 50g of the hot water in a counter clockwise motion into grounds and let set 30 seconds to allow coffee to bloom
-Pour remaining 200g of water in counter clock wise circular motion over grounds and watch as it drips over the ice and cools down
-Once coffee has finished dripping (2-3mins) remover brewer and enjoy a great cup of coffee