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      Standard 8 cup French Press:
      8 Cup French Press
      Water ≈ 198-203°f or 93°c (bring water to a boil, then remove from the heat for about 1 minute) (Do not use boiling water)
      Coarse Ground Coffee ≈ 50g (≈7 tablespoons)
      Gram Scale
      • The standard ratio for coffee to water is 1:16. For every 1 gram of coffee add 16 grams of water. 
      • Start by adding the ground coffee to the french press, start a timer for 4 minutes, and then add about 1/2 the needed water and let the coffee bloom.
      • After about 30 seconds of the coffee blooming, add the rest of the water. Once the water is added, place the plunger on top (do NOT press down!) to help retain some heat.
      • Once the timer is up (4 minutes total from when water first touched the ground coffee), slowly plunge the filter down and immediately serve the coffee.