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      You will need:
      Chemex and Filter
      Quality Water
      Coffee Beans - 3cup 24g 6cup 46g 8cup 64g
      Gram Scale (optional, but recommended)


      5 steps to make a clean pour over coffee using a chemex:

      1. Place a filter in chemex, rinse with hot water, and pour out.
      2. Place on scale and add 46 g medium grind coffee
      3. Tare scale to zero and pour hot water to fully saturate grounds. Let "bloom" for 30 seconds.
      4. Add hot water in stages (~200g at a time), until you reach 690g of water total
      5. Compost remaining grounds/filter and enjoy. It should take 4–5 minutes from start to finish.

      Check out Onda Origins full brewing guides for more info here.