This week on TTL - April 8th, 2024

This week on TTL - April 8th, 2024

Thanks for running with us!

Thanks for coming out, everyone! We had a blast meeting you all at the TTL meetup and hope you felt the same buzz that we did. Running with friends is always better than running alone and we were grateful to share that experience with you all. We'll definitely host more meetups like this in the future, but until then, have fun out there and keep the good times rolling 🤙


This week on the pod, we discuss:

  • A little bit of pre race hype
  • Bike Tech with Eric 🎸: Disc wheels and riding in the wind
  • Finding the most comfortable saddle
  • How social media glamorizes training
  • Can 70.3 bike times indicate the difficulty of the course?
  • Chains: Wax on or off?
  • What's in a recovery shake
  • The various paths to becoming a professional triathlete
  • TTL's trajectory and growing a genuine community

Ventura Collection: Coming soon 👀

The Ventura Collection will launch within the next two weeks!

We're pumped to show you all the new TTL design on shirts, sweat shorts, coffee mugs, and four different styles of hats. This is our most anticipated launch yet, you won't want to miss this one - stay tuned!

In the meantime...

Get in the Ventura spirit with our new

Spotify playlist!

Turn up these tunes to transport yourself to the coastal gem nestled between the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean and the towering mountains of SoCal. These chill yet upbeat jams with reverberating rhythms set the vibes for anything from a coffee run to holding FTP intervals on the bike.

Congrats to Paula and Kate on a great race at Oceanside 70.3!

Our pro TTL crew braved the chilly winds and absolutely tore up the bumpy streets of San Diego. In her second race of the season, Paula performed with a calm and confident strength that earned her 3rd on the podium. Kate made her presence known as she finished in 7th despite this only being her second season as a pro. Kate is one of our athletes on this year's devo squad; if you missed her intro, catch up here!

There will be lots of race recap on this week's podcast and in this week's YouTube video...

Stay tuned!

Shoutout to the rest of you who crushed it out there. It was awesome seeing some new friends we made at the meetup finish strong on the red carpet.

Stay stoked,
-Eric & Paula
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Love the new site!!! Love TTL and the new tunes shared!!!

Michael Barella

Great times! Great vibes 🔥! So fun meeting yall!

Drew Ballard

I love this format!!! And can’t wait for the new TTL Design!


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