This Week on TTL - May 7th 2024

This Week on TTL - May 7th 2024

Consistent. Relaxed. Amazing.

Paula CRUSHED it!

Gaining a reputation as one of the most consistent atheltes in the sport, Paula made her mark on the red canyons of southern Utah. Comfortably in the lead pack on the swim, she made a decisive move on the bike, and held on to a 4 minute lead through the run to secure the win on the red carpet..

Paula: "I just let myself run without stress or fear, and took it with happiness"

An awesome and well deserved win! We will get to hear her race recap this week on the pod.

Another amazing report from team TTL, Kate was FIRST out of the water and joined Paula within the top 5 of an incredibly competitive field. It's been amazing to watch her professional career launch and we are so psyched to be a part of it. Keep up with Kate on instagram @katecurran26

Speaking of launching...

The VENTURA Collection has officially dropped! 🥳

With a great, new graphic designed by Christian Dunn and inspired by our experience training in Ventura this Spring, we are SO stoked to finally share all this new gear with you all! We have a great selection of products from crew neck T-shirts, sweat shorts that are the epitome of hang out attire, to sleek Specialized water bottles.

Several of the items including the mugs 😕 are already sold out, but we ordered enough of everything else that when this email finds you, there should still be some goodness to be had! We highly recommend the packable campers and the sweat shorts!

We hope this collection makes you as happy as it makes us, and brings some of the laid-back, warm California coastal energy we felt while we were there!



Last week on the pod, we discussed:

Some pre race hype and St. George's growth in popularity

Eric's new haircut and head cold

🔧 Bike tech with Eric: Can carbon wheels expire?

🚲 How often to replace sealant in tubeless tires

🏊‍♂️ What's the best way to store your wetsuit to avoid creases? (Hint: Loosley roll it like a croissant)

🏃 Running on soft vs hard surfaces

❤️ Paula reflects on her life long triathlon career

🌞 Sun protection while racing

✈️ Is there a preferred airline when it comes to flying with bike boxes?

🐟 How to break through a swimming plateau

🥽 Picking the right swim goggles

🏖️ What life could look like post-retirement for Eric and Paula

New Article on TTL Bulletin!

Indoor super-sprint triathlons, on a track?! How the success of the first indoor World Cup could signal the rise of a new triathlon format

Check out the article our intern wrote where she interviews JT Rodgers, a former professional triathlete turned current head coach of Wave1Performance, as they discuss the potential for a new and exciting race format!

Photo via TriMax Magazine on Facebook

Stay stoked,

-Eric & Paula
(and Olive, the intern)

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Hi Paula, Eric, Nick, and Flynn,
Was so nice to see Paula and Kate on the bike portion in Washington area. Was so happy to see a win for paula. Love the podcast and you all are so inspiring. Did my first sprint this year and hope to do 70.3 st george within the next few year especially since I live here. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great videos and podcasts.

Heather Hafen

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