TTL Bulletin - Devo Team in Roth

TTL Bulletin - Devo Team in Roth

Zack Raced Challenge Roth!

Challenge Roth is an Ironman distance triathlon that belongs on many triathletes' bucket lists because the community is really, really into triathlon… Crowds scream like crazy as if every triathlete is a celebrity in the flesh

In his first race in a pro field, and in his first race post-injury, Zack crushed the distance with speed and enthusiasm, soaking in all the hype of the crowds and throwing down some seriously fast splits.

The Challenge organization puts on more than a triathlon, placing significant emphasis on providing an amazing experience for athletes, their companions, and spectators. While the race is the main event, the entire weekend is designed to be an inclusive atmosphere that caters to everyone involved - providing a truly one of a kind racing experience.  

Of course, no amount of hype can diminish the amount of focus and grit required to get through a 140.6 mile triathlon, and the course layout is far from an easy cruise. Zack approached his first professional event with the execution and precision of an experienced triathlete.

Despite the setback of an injury from earlier in the season, he demonstrated remarkable patience and determination all while maintaining a competitive edge.

Been a long journey getting here… Crazy atmosphere, amazing organization and iconic race. What better place to kick-off the pro journey. [I’m] thankful to @challengeroth for the opportunity

We are so grateful for an athlete like Zack to represent our crew in front of the Bavarian crowds! There are some electric videos from the race on his Instagram page, click here to check out why this race is unlike any other!.

Some other big news out of Roth: The pro men and pro women shattered the recently set course records. Magnus Ditlev (DNK) became a 3-peat champion of the race, finishing in 7:23:24 and shaving about a minute off of his time last year. Anne Huag (GER) ran a massive negative split in the back half of the run and finished ten minutes ahead of the previous course record set by Daniela Ryf last year. It was a great day of racing in the Mecca of triathlon!

Another World Cup Race for John!

Another update from the Devo Squad. John competed in another race for the World triathlon Cup in Tiszaújváros, Hungary, finishing in 4th just mere steps behind the leaders.

World Triathlon (WT formerly known as ITU) races consist of draft legal sprint distance triathlons with some seriously intense competition and year round races. Despite Tiszaújváros being John’s 7th race since February, his consistency to compete at such high levels continues to wow us.

Consistency is key, but sometimes grueling to maintain, yet John makes it look easy! We are so proud to see John embrace the extremely demanding WT grind and excel in every race. We see you workin' John - keep it up!


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Shred Til Bed 2: It’s Happening! 🔥

STB2 is almost ready and will be dropping in the next two weeks!

Last StB drop, we had more firey colors. This time, we’ll have the same print but with a cooler color palette originally presented to Nick by @dannydrawls. We’re stoked to be bringing it to life here in Bend, hand-screened by Jordy from @dazeprinting on the best paper, with Eco-friendly inks.

Jordy is a legend and we’re so pumped to be teaming up with him on this drop. Like last time, we’ll also have shirts, and while we did manage to make more of both shirts and posters (150), this is a limited run, and we still expect they’ll go fast 💨

Stay tuned for the launch date! You can check our instagram for the latest updates and teasers!

Timeless Triathlon Collection Drop!


The idea for this launch was curated on a camping trip with @linseycorbin. Linsey was wearing a hat that simply read “Salami” and it felt like something you’d find in a thrift shop from a bygone era when things were simpler and life was undoubtedly more fun and carefree. This feeling is what we wanted to capture with our first installment of the Timeless Collection. So go ahead, get nostalgic!

Click here to snag a bottle

Book Rec:

Endure by Alex Hutchinson

Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

Last week, we saw runners conquer a 100 mile trail run, non-stop, amidst the searing heat and beneath the blazing sun. Even though we were three to witness the incredible athletes take on the long distance and unforgiving terrain, the feat still seemed impossible. How does one even begin to comprehend and approach such an arduous challenge? The capacity to endure is the key trait that underlies great performance in virtually every field, but what exactly are the limits to how much one can endure?

Award-winning journalist and elite runner, Alex Hutchinson, presents analysis on the physical and mental limits of human endurance. His writing suggests that the physical barriers we encounter are influenced as much by our brains as by our bodies. Consequently, the mind has become the new frontier of endurance, revealing that the boundaries of performance are more flexible than previously believed. However, it's not solely a mental phenomenon.

Hutchinson examines numerous physical inhibitors such as pain, muscle, oxygen, heat, thirst, and fuel while unraveling the complex relationship between mental and physical endurance. Hutchinson  conveys his analysis by sharing captivating stories of men and women who have pushed their limits in ordinary, and extraordinary ways.

Definitely check this out if you're interested in understanding the true nature of human endurance and the incredible potential that lies within us all. This book will inspire and challenge your perceptions of what is possible, both mentally and physically!

Stay stoked,

-Eric & Paula
(and Olive, the intern)

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