TTL Weekly Bulletin #15

TTL Weekly Bulletin #15

It's Race Week for Paula! 

The 100km T100 race (2km swim, 80km bike, 18km run) will unfold in the San Francisco Bay area this Saturday, June 8th. The race begins with a plunge into the icy water adjacent to Alcatraz Island. From there, athletes will battle strong currents and thrashing waters to reach the shore line. 

The mystique of the island and technicality of the course, most notably the challenging open water swim in the San Francisco bay, continue to draw competitors for the chance to make their Escape. The challenging course has continued to be a bucket list race for triathletes for more than 40 years

Paula is ready to rock! This past week she tested her cold water tolerance in the Deschutes, fully decked out in cold water swim gear from head to toe.

"Verdict: neoprene swim booties are the bomb, why have I never tried these before?"

You can stream the race through PTO+ or watch it on on the T100 channel! 

It's Also Race Week for our Devo Squad!

Devo athletes Matheus Menezes and Ansley Queen will both be racing Ironman 70.3 Boulder! This will be Matheus's first race following his collegiate season, so we are psyched to see him get out there and tear it up! This will be Ansley's second professional race following her outstanding performance at 70.3 Chattanooga. We can't wait to see her shred on her home turf! 

It feels like every week we mention how proud and impressed we are with our devo squad, but how can we not?! They all have incredible work ethics and passions that drive them to go above and beyond our expectations. From short course WT races, to 70.3's our squad puts on a show and we are stoked to be a part of it each and every time.

Speaking of our World Triathlon Devo athlete...

John was able to join on us on the pod this week to breakdown his journey as an elite athlete and share some insight into the nomadic life of a World Triathlete! Eric and Paula both have roots in ITU triathlons (old name for World Triathlon) so it's special to hear from the perspective of a current U23 elite and share similar experiences.

John has his sights set on the 2028 Olympics so be sure to check out this week's epsiode to get the full scoop on his experience in triathlon and his trajectory as a professional. It was a great convo and we loved having him on the show and hope to do the same with all our Devo athletes!



In addition to John joining us, this week on the pod we also discuss:

🛞 Removing and cleaning a tire with dried up sealant

😵‍💫 The complicated logistics of T100 San Fran.

🛫Different ways to mount/dismount your bike 🛬

😌 Mitigating discomfort during post-race travel

⚠️Why you should avoid running after long flights

🏊 How to find the right Master's group for you

🍎 Nutrtion advice from coaches

🎬 Paula refelcts on her experience filming a Nike commercial as an rising elite athlete

📳 Nick reminisces sliding into Eric's DMs for the first time

and more!

HUGE Race for our friend Jackie Hering at IRONMAN European Championship!

Un. freakin. Real

Yesterday, our good friend Jackie won IRONAMN Hamburg, finishing with a ridiculous time of 8:19:14, setting the new record for fastest full distance finish by an American woman. She threw down an insane run time finishing the marathon in 2:52:32 (6:37min/mi, 4:07min/km) - a massive PB by over 12 minutes!

Her finish time was just 56 seconds outside of Laura Philipp’s 2022 course record, which was the fastest-ever recorded female IRONMAN finish. The competiton among professionals continues to amplify as the top four woman all finished under 8:30. 

The women's field put on amazing show despite a race full of mechanicals, DQ's, and some nasty spills. This was Jackie's first race since 2015 since she became a mother of two children. In a true triathlete's spirit, Jackie wanted something difficult to do again now that the kids are older, so of course, taking on the IRONMAN European Championship was exactly what she was looking for! Jackie kept her race strategy simple, emphasizing how important it is to "always keep the [main] goal of just finishing".

Stay stoked,

-Eric & Paula
(and Olive, the intern)

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